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Our story

Istanbul Woodist, which analyzes the needs of spaces and aims to create personalized designs.  How would you like to get to know each other closely?

What are we doing?

Reaching us by completing an average of 100 years of life in historical and old warehouses in Anatolia  old barn timber  or depending on your preference, we produce solid furniture using newly produced timber and an alternative point of view.  


Some products that we no longer need in our modern life, but with the experience and memories of the past, can be a perfect decoration. who have stories for you  Bring together rustic antique decoration products such as horse cart and caster, heifer, dough trough, old carved door, churn, olive and oil jar, millstone, barrel.  we offer.  

  We touch your spaces with our pillows, inspired by different vertical and horizontal lines. We offer you our design pillows, the fabrics of which we have carefully selected and specially sewn, for all kinds of use in your spaces.  we offer.  

If you want to know us too; You can meet us by visiting our website, social media accounts or our store, and get detailed information about our products and interior design applications.  You can get information.

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