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Delivery Terms

Open and check the packages that you think were damaged during shipment in front of the company representative from whom you received them. If you think that there is any damage to the product, do not take delivery of the product by keeping a record with the cargo company.  After the product is received, it is accepted that the cargo company has fully fulfilled its duty.  

If the product is damaged: The report you have prepared will be sent to you as soon as possible: İ  notify your e-mail address. 

If you perform these operations, we will start working on your package and ensure that the delivery is repeated as soon as possible.

If you briefly explain why you want to return the product in this e-mail, you will help us in our work on the product.

We try to deliver the products you have ordered to the cargo on the same day. For products that take time to deliver, the cargo delivery time is 3 working days as stated in the product details. There may be differences in cargo delivery times for your special production orders. You will be informed in case of possible delayed delivery. 

In order for the product to be delivered without delay, please state the address of your current location as the delivery address. 

Your requests will be processed to be prepared according to the delivery type you have determined at the end of the order.  You can discuss different delivery terms by consulting our customer representative. In addition, cargo deliveries are only valid for Turkey.

Return and Exchange Conditions

7 days from the date you receive your order  You can return it as long as you do not use it during the day and do not spoil the product or its packaging (salability). 

within 7 days  You can send an e-mail to the address with your order number and the relevant product code stating the reason for the return, or you can forward your request by calling 05336711158. After this stage,  by delivering it together with the package and all the documents it contains (warranty certificate, invoice, delivery note, cargo delivery receipt, etc.).  You can send it to us. At this point, we ask you to pack the product as solidly as possible and in such a way that it will not be damaged. Following the delivery of your product to us, if there is no definite malfunction due to reasons such as usage error after the examinations to be made by our authorities, the product price will be returned to your bank according to the payment method you have chosen. 

If you wish, 7 days from the date of delivery.
  You can also submit your return requests through our store within the same day. In this case, the product you want to return, the accompanying invoice, waybill, etc. bring it to our store, along with all legal documents.  and it is sufficient to state that you want to return the product you purchased via the internet. After this stage, the product you will return will be received by our store and sent to our center for examination, and if there is no negative situation in the return conditions, your return will be made within 14 days according to your payment method.

Products that are not informed within 14 days of receipt or their saleability is impaired, Istanbul Woodist
  will not be refunded. 

Shipping charges, which are product shipping costs, will be paid by the buyers. In case of a problem caused by us, the shipping cost belongs to our company.


For some products whose differences are stated in the description   and in imported products, campaign and promotional products, the product cannot be returned; Our customers accept these conditions and carry out their shopping.

The returned product must first be sent to Istanbul Woodist.
  It will be examined by the in-house service and when it is found to comply with all conditions, the return processing period will be started, which will be implemented within 3 to 7 working days.
Note on corporate purchases:
  If the invoice of the product you will return is issued on behalf of the company, you must send your return with the return invoice that your company will issue without including the shipping fee (product unit price + VAT).

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