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Distance Sales Agreement

1. Seller Information

Title: Meva Ticaret İnan Parlak  (hereinafter referred to as "" or "SELLER")

Address: Hürriyet mah. Kavak sk. No:18 Kagithane / Istanbul

Phone: 05336711158

E-mail address:

2. Buyer Information

Name and surname:




3. Subject

The subject of this Preliminary Information Form ("Form") is related to the sale and delivery of the Products ("Products"), the quality and sale price of which are stated below, and the Law on the Protection of Consumers numbered 6502 and the Distanced Distance List published in the Official Gazette dated 27 November 2014 and numbered 29188. It is to be informed in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Contracts.

4. Basic Characteristics and Payment Information of the Goods Subject to Sale

4.1.  Information on the description, unit amount, number and payment terms of the Products are as stated in the Preliminary Information Form and have been approved by the Buyer.

4.2.  Shipping Fee or Shipping Fee will be paid by the Buyer. Opportunities and opportunities provided by the Seller to the Buyer regarding the shipping fee or shipping fee are exceptional.

5. Validity Period of Commitments

The prices stated in Article 4.1 are the selling price. Advertised prices and promises are valid until they are updated and changed. Prices announced for a period of time are valid until the end of the specified period.

6. General Provisions

6.1 The BUYER, as stated on the Website, states that the basic characteristics of the product subject to the contract, the sales price including all taxes, the method of payment and the delivery, and the costs of this shall be borne by the BUYER, that the delivery period and the full commercial title, full address and contact information of the SELLER shall be covered by the BUYER. declares that he has read the information and has the knowledge and gives the necessary confirmation in the electronic environment.

6.2 The SELLER is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to the use of the Website or mobile application and other data and programs, due to breach of contract, tort, or other reasons. As a result of breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons; does not accept any responsibility for interruption of the transaction, error, negligence, interruption, deletion, loss, delay of the transaction or communication, computer virus, malfunctions in the telecommunication lines, communication error, theft, destruction or unauthorized entry, modification or use of the records.

6.3 The SELLER reserves the right to change, reorganize and stop broadcasting any service, product, terms of use available on the Website and/or Mobile Application and the information presented on the Website and/or Mobile Application without prior notice. Changes take effect on the Website and/or Mobile Application on the date of publication. The Company advises the BUYER to visit the legal warning page each time they enter the Website and/or Mobile Application. These conditions also apply to other linked websites.

6.4 The Website and Mobile Application may contain links or references to other websites that are not under the control of the SELLER. The SELLER is not responsible for the content of these sites or any other links they contain.

6.5 The general appearance and design of the SELLER, the Website and the Mobile Application, and all information, pictures, all kinds of brands, Website domain names, logos, icons, demonstratives, written, electronic, graphic or machine readable in the Website and Mobile Application is the owner or licensee of all materials (“Materials”) and related intellectual and industrial property rights, including technical data, computer software, applied sales system, business method and business model, and the Materials are under legal protection. any Material on the Website and/or Mobile Application; It cannot be changed, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, republished, uploaded to another computer, posted, transmitted, presented or distributed, including code and software, without prior permission and without reference. The whole or part of the Website and/or Mobile Application cannot be used on another website or mobile application without permission. In case of detection of any situation to the contrary, all other rights of the SELLER regarding civil and criminal liability and not expressly stated here are reserved.

6.6 The BUYER's personal information can only be disclosed to official authorities if this information is duly requested by the official authorities and in cases where it is obliged to make a statement to the official authorities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable mandatory legislation.

6.7 The product subject to the contract, unless a special reason is specified from the order date, is not exceeding 30 days, depending on the distance of the BUYER's place of residence for each product, within the period specified in the preliminary information on the Website, to the BUYER or the person / organization at the address indicated by the SELLER. It is delivered by the contracted cargo company. Any shipping/delivery fee related to the delivery shown in Article 3 will be detailed under the name of “Delivery Fee” on the invoice of the order, in detail according to the shipping conditions valid at the time of purchase.

6.8 Shipment information will be shared with the customer, as the shipment date may vary for special production products. In case of disruptions arising from the import process in imported products, the delivery time is added separately and the new shipment date information will be shared with the customer.

6.9 If the product(s) subject to the contract will be delivered to a person/organization other than the BUYER, the SELLER cannot be held responsible for the person/organization to be delivered not accepting the delivery and for any damages that may arise from this.

6.10 The SELLER cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise due to the errors and omissions of the cargo company responsible for the shipping process during the delivery of the product(s) to the BUYER and/or their failure to deliver them to the BUYER. The Buyer is obliged to check the Products upon receipt and immediately notify the Seller of any defects they see.

6.11 The SELLER is responsible for the delivery of the contracted product(s) intact, complete, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order, and with warranty documents and user manuals, if any.

6.12 If the SELLER cannot fulfill its contractual obligations in the event that the fulfillment of the product or service subject to the order becomes impossible, it shall notify the BUYER before the contractual performance obligation expires and may supply the BUYER with a different product of equal quality and price if it is in stock.

6.13 Due to the unfair or unlawful use of the BUYER's credit card, debit card, debit card and other payment systems offered on the Website and Mobile Application by unauthorized persons, not due to the BUYER's fault, after the delivery of the product(s). If the relevant bank or financial institution does not pay the price of the product to the SELLER, it is obligatory for the BUYER to return the relevant product to the SELLER within 3 (three) days, provided that it has been delivered to him. Otherwise, the BUYER accepts and undertakes that all legal actions will be taken.

6.14 If the product or service purchased by the BUYER is not in the stocks of the supplier company from which the SELLER receives service and there is no equivalent product of equal quality and price, the SELLER reserves the right to return the price paid by the BUYER.

6.15 If the SELLER cannot deliver the product subject to the contract in due time due to force majeure or extraordinary circumstances such as weather conditions preventing transportation, interruption of transportation, the SELLER is obliged to inform the BUYER. In this case, if the BUYER cancels the order, the amount paid will be paid to him in one go within 14 (fourteen) days in accordance with the payment instrument used while purchasing the product(s).

6.16 In the payments made by the BUYER by credit card, the product(s) amount is returned to the relevant bank within 14 (fourteen) days after the order is canceled by the BUYER. Since the reflection of this amount on the BUYER's accounts after the return to the bank is completely related to the bank transaction process, the BUYER will not be able to intervene in any way for the possible delays and it may take an average of 2 to 3 weeks for the amount returned by the SELLER to the credit card to be reflected to the BUYER's account by the bank. accepts.

6.17 The SELLER reserves the right to cancel purchases over the Website that exceed the BUYER's needs. In case of more than 3 (three) products purchased in wholesale purchases exceeding the BUYER's needs, the SELLER reserves the right to cancel the order completely or to send only 3 (three) products remaining within the retail purchase limit.

6.18 In the event that the transaction regarding the relevant amount in the purchases made by the BUYER with a credit card cannot be performed due to 3 (three) incorrect password entries, the SELLER has the right to request all kinds of information and documents, including visual means, from the BUYER to confirm the identity and credit card information. has. In the event that this information and documents are not provided by the BUYER, provided incompletely or the information and documents provided and the order information do not match, the SELLER has the right to cancel the relevant order immediately and without any liability and compensation.

6.19 In case the product prices are written far below the market price, which can be understood by the average person as a clear error, all orders placed according to this incorrect price are entitled to be canceled by the SELLER. The BUYER accepts and declares that he will not make any rights or claims in such a case due to an obvious mistake.

7. Right of Withdrawal

7.1 The Buyer may use his right to withdraw from the contract by rejecting the goods without any legal or criminal responsibility and without giving any reason, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the Product to him or the person/organization at the address indicated in distance contracts regarding the sale of goods. In determining the period of the right of withdrawal; a) For goods that are the subject of a single order and delivered separately, the day the consumer or the third party determined by the consumer receives the last item, b) For the goods consisting of more than one piece, the day when the consumer or the third person determined by the consumer receives the last piece, In the contracts where the goods are delivered regularly during the period, the day on which the consumer or the third party determined by the consumer receives the first goods is taken as a basis.

7.2 The Buyer may also give a notice of withdrawal via registered mail, e-mail or Call Center Number to the Seller's address specified in Article 1 within 14 (fourteen) days. From this notice, the Seller may contact the Buyer and have the product taken from the Buyer. However; If the Seller does not make an offer to the Buyer in this direction, the Buyer must send the purchased product to the Seller's address specified in Article 1 within 10 (ten) days from the date of notification of withdrawal.

7.3 In order for the returns to be processed, the relevant sections of the invoice sent to the Buyer and containing the return section must be filled in completely and sent to the Seller after being signed.

7.4 The products to be returned must be delivered with their box, packaging and standard accessories, if any, without any damage to their salability.

7.5 The Seller is obliged to return to the Buyer the total price (total of all costs paid by the Buyer to the Seller) and the documents that put the Buyer under debt within 14 (fourteen) days at the latest from the receipt of the withdrawal notice.

7.6 The shipping cost of the Products returned due to the right of withdrawal is borne by the Seller. After the Buyer uses his right of withdrawal and makes a notification to the Seller in this regard, the product subject to sale will be received by the Seller with the Seller's contracted cargo. In this case, the Buyer will not have to pay the shipping cost. However; If the buyer wants to return the product himself, in this case, he must send the product to the Seller with the seller's contracted cargo against payment. Otherwise, the Buyer is responsible for paying the Shipping cost. 

7.7 The decrease in the value of the received goods or the existence of a reason that makes the return impossible do not prevent the use of the right of withdrawal. However, if the decrease in value or the impossibility of return is due to the fault of the consumer, the Seller must compensate the value or decrease in the value of the goods. Changes and deteriorations that occur due to the habitual use of the goods are not considered as a decrease in value.

8. Products for which the Right of Withdrawal cannot be exercised

The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised by the Buyer in the following cases:

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the consumer cannot use the right of withdrawal in the following contracts,

a) It is not possible to return or exchange special production products prepared in accordance with the wishes of the consumer, except for defective cases. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised on these products.

b) Contracts for goods prepared in line with the wishes or personal needs of the consumer.

c) Contracts for the delivery of perishable or expired goods.

d) From the goods whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after delivery; Contracts for the delivery of those whose return is unsuitable in terms of health and hygiene.

e) Contracts for goods that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated due to their nature.

f) Contracts for books, digital content and computer consumables offered in material environment, in case the protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after the delivery of the goods.

g) Contracts for the delivery of periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, excluding those provided under the subscription contract.

h) Contracts regarding services performed instantly in the electronic environment or intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer.

i) Contracts regarding services that are started to be performed with the approval of the consumer, before the expiry of the right of withdrawal.

9. Complaints and Resolution Methods

The Buyer may forward all suggestions and complaints regarding the goods or services subject to sale to the Seller from the Seller's Call Center Number and e-mail address specified in Article 1. The Seller aims to solve the problem by examining all kinds of complaints and suggestions submitted by the Buyer within the legal limits. All rights of the parties arising from the Law and related Regulations are reserved.

10. Competent Court

The seller can make his applications regarding complaints and objections to the arbitral tribunal or the consumer court for consumer problems in the place of residence or where he/she has purchased the goods or services within the monetary limits determined by the Ministry of Customs and Industry in December every year.

12. Other Provisions

The Buyer declares that he accepts the terms and information of this Preliminary Information Form and the Distance Sales Agreement electronically.

Privacy Policy

All services provided in our store and ,   Hurriyet mah. Kavak sk. No: 18 Kagithane / Istanbul  Meva Ticaret Inan Parlak is owned and operated by our company.  

Our company may collect personal data for various purposes. How and in what way the collected personal data is collected, how and how this data is protected is stated below.  


Due to the nature of the business, our Store collects some personal information about the members (such as name-surname, company information, telephone, address or e-mail addresses) by filling out various forms and surveys on the Membership or on our Store.  


In some periods, our company may send campaign information, information about new products, promotional offers to its customers and members. Our members can make all kinds of choices about whether or not to receive such information while becoming a member, then this selection can be changed in the account information section after logging in as a member, or they can make a notification with the link in the information message they receive.  


During the approval process carried out through our store or by e-mail, personal information transmitted to our store electronically by our members will not be disclosed to third parties, except for the purposes and scope determined by the "User Agreement" we made with our Members.


Our company records and uses the IP address of its members in order to identify system-related problems and quickly resolve any problems or disputes that may arise regarding the service provided. IP addresses can also be used to identify users in a general way and to gather comprehensive demographic information.


Our company may use the requested information for direct marketing purposes by itself or by the people it cooperates with, even outside the purposes and scope determined by the Membership Agreement.  Personal information can also be used to contact the user when necessary. Information requested by our company or information provided by the user or information about transactions made through our Store; It can be used by our company and its collaborators for various statistical evaluations, database creation and market research without disclosing the identity of our members, except for the purposes and scope determined by the "Membership Agreement".


Our company, to keep confidential information strictly private and confidential, to consider it a confidentiality obligation, to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to take all necessary measures and take all necessary care to prevent all or any part of confidential information from entering the public domain or unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party. commits to show




Our company prioritizes the security of credit card holders who shop at our shopping sites. Your credit card information is not stored in any way our system.


When you enter the transaction process, there are two things you need to pay attention to to understand that you are on a secure site. One of them is a key or lock icon on the bottom line of your browser. This indicates that you are on a secure website and all your information is encrypted and protected. This information is only used depending on the sales process and in the direction of your instructions. The information about the credit card used during shopping is encrypted with 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, independent of our shopping sites, and sent to the relevant bank for questioning. If the card availability is approved can be sustained for shopping. Since no information about the card can be viewed and recorded by us, third parties are prevented from obtaining this information under any circumstances.

The reliability of payment/invoice/delivery address information of orders placed online by credit card is audited by our company against Credit Card Fraud. Therefore, the accuracy of financial and address/telephone information must first be confirmed in order for customers who order from our shopping sites for the first time to arrive at the procurement and delivery stage. In order to control this information, if necessary, the customer who has the credit card or the relevant bank is contacted.

Only you can access and change all the information you provide while becoming a member. If you protect your member login information securely, it is not possible for others to access and change information about you. For this purpose, it is acted within the 128-bit SSL security area during membership transactions. This system is an international encryption standard that cannot be broken.


Internet shopping sites with an information line or customer service service and where full address and telephone information are specified are more preferred today. In this way, you can get detailed information about all the issues that come to your mind, and you can get better information about the reliability of the company that provides online shopping service.  


Note: We recommend paying attention to the full address and telephone number of the company on internet shopping sites. If you are going to shop, write down all the phone / address information of the store where you bought the product before you do your shopping. Confirm by phone before shopping if you do not trust. All information about our company and the location of the company are indicated on all our online shopping sites.




Your identity and credit card information, which you send to us by credit card mail-order method, will be kept by our company according to the principle of confidentiality. This information is kept for 60 days against possible credit card withdrawal objections with the bank and then destroyed. If any amount is withdrawn from your card, other than the mail-order form approved by you, which you will send us in return for the price of the products you ordered, you can naturally object to the bank and it does not pose a risk as you can prevent the payment of this amount.  




our store,  may link to other sites within the website. Our company does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and contents of the sites accessed through these links. Advertisements published on the website of our company are distributed to our users through our advertising partners. The Privacy Policy Principles in this agreement are only for the use of our Store and do not cover third-party websites.  



In the limited cases specified below, our company may disclose the information of users to third parties, except for the provisions of this "Privacy Policy". These cases are limited in number;

1. To comply with the obligations imposed by the laws, Decree-Laws, Regulations, etc., issued by the competent legal authority and in force;

2. In order to fulfill the requirements of the "Membership Agreement" and other agreements concluded by our store with users and to put them into practice;

3. Requesting information about users for the purpose of conducting an investigation or investigation duly carried out by the authorized administrative and judicial authority;

4. It is necessary to provide information in order to protect the rights or security of users.  



Never write down your credit card number or passwords in the e-mails you send to our store's Customer Service regarding any of your orders. Information contained in e-mails can be viewed by third parties. Our company cannot guarantee the security of the information transferred from your e-mails under any circumstances.



Our company can obtain information about the users visiting our store and the use of the website by using a technical communication file (Cookie). The technical communication files mentioned are small text files that a website sends to the user's browser to be stored in the main memory. The technical communication file facilitates the use of the Internet by storing status and preferences about the site.


technical communication file,  To obtain statistical information about how many people visit the site, for what purpose, how many times a person visits the site, and how long they stay on the site, and from user pages specially designed for users.  It helps to dynamically generate advertisements and content. The technical communication file is not designed to retrieve data or any other personal information from the main memory or your e-mail. Most of the browsers are initially designed to accept the technical communication file, but users can change the settings so that the technical communication file does not arrive or a warning is given when the technical communication file is sent.


Our company can change the provisions of this "Privacy Policy" at any time by posting it on the site or by sending an e-mail to users or publishing it on its site. If the terms of the Privacy Policy are changed, they will take effect on the date of publication.


For any questions and suggestions regarding our privacy policy, you can send an email to ……………….. You can reach our company's contact information below.

Terms of use

It is assumed that our customers who use and shop on this shopping site have accepted the following terms:

The web pages on our site and all pages linked to it are Hürriyet mah. Kavak sk. No:18 Kagithane / Istanbul  It is the property of and operated by Meva Ticaret Inan PARLAK (Company) at the address. By using and continuing to use the service on the site, you ('User') are subject to the following conditions while using all the services offered on the site; You agree that you have the right, authority and legal capacity to sign a contract in accordance with the laws to which you are bound and that you are over the age of 18, that you have read and understood this contract and that you are bound by the terms written in the contract.  


This contract imposes the rights and obligations of the parties on the site that is the subject of the contract, and when the parties accept this contract, they declare that they will fulfill the aforementioned rights and obligations completely, accurately, on time, and within the terms requested in this contract.



a. The company always reserves the right to make changes on the prices and the products and services offered. 

b. The company accepts and undertakes that the member will benefit from the contracted services, excluding technical failures.

c. The user agrees in advance that he will not reverse engineer the use of the site or take any other action for the purpose of finding or obtaining the source code of them, otherwise he will be responsible for the damages that may arise before the third parties and that legal and penal action will be taken against him. 

d. The user, in his activities on the site, in any part of the site or in his communications, is against general morality and good manners, is against the law, injures the rights of third parties, is misleading, offensive, obscene, pornographic, injures personal rights, violates copyrights, encourages illegal activities. agrees not to produce or share content. Otherwise, he is fully responsible for the damage and in this case, the 'Site' officials may suspend such accounts, terminate them, and reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings. For this reason, it reserves the right to share information requests from judicial authorities regarding activity or user accounts.

e. The relations of the members of the site with each other or with third parties are under their own responsibility.  


2nd.  Intellectual Property Rights


2.1. All proprietary or unregistered intellectual property rights such as title, business name, trademark, patent, logo, design, information and method in this Site belong to the site operator and owner company or the person concerned, and are under the protection of national and international law. Visiting this Site or using the services on this Site does not grant any right to such intellectual property rights.

2.2. The information on the site cannot be reproduced, published, copied, presented and/or transferred in any way. The whole or part of the Site cannot be used on another website without permission.  


3. Confidential Information

3.1. The company will not disclose personal information transmitted by users through the site to third parties. This personal information; It contains all kinds of other information to identify the User such as person name-surname, address, telephone number, mobile phone, e-mail address, and will be referred to as 'Confidential Information' for short.


3.2. The user can only use promotions, advertisements, campaigns, promotions, announcements, etc. It accepts and declares that it consents to the company that owns the Site to share its communication, portfolio status and demographic information with its affiliates or group companies to which it is affiliated, limited to its use within the scope of marketing activities. This personal information can be used to determine the customer profile within the company, to offer promotions and campaigns suitable for the customer profile, and to carry out statistical studies.


3.3. Confidential Information may only be disclosed to official authorities if this information is duly requested by official authorities and when disclosure to official authorities is obligatory in accordance with the provisions of the applicable mandatory legislation.




5. Registration and Security 

The user must provide accurate, complete and up-to-date registration information. Otherwise, this Agreement will be deemed to have been violated and the account may be closed without informing the User.

The user is responsible for the password and account security on the site and third-party sites. Otherwise, the Company cannot be held responsible for data loss and security breaches or damage to hardware and devices.


6. Force Majeure


not under the control of the parties; Natural disasters, fire, explosions, civil wars, wars, uprisings, public movements, declaration of mobilization, strikes, lockouts and epidemics, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Force Majeure") arising from the contract. If the obligations become unfulfillable by the parties, the parties are not responsible for this.In this period, the rights and obligations of the Parties arising from this Agreement are suspended.  


7. Integrity and Applicability of the Agreement


If one of the terms of this contract becomes partially or completely invalid, the rest of the contract will continue to be valid.


8. Changes to the Contract


The company can change the services offered on the site and the terms of this contract, partially or completely, at any time. Changes will be effective from the date of publication on the site. It is the User's responsibility to follow the changes. The user is deemed to have accepted these changes by continuing to benefit from the services offered.


9. Notification

All notifications to be sent to the parties related to this Agreement will be made through the known e-mail address of the Company and the e-mail address specified by the user in the membership form. The user accepts that the address he/she has specified while becoming a member is the valid notification address, that he/she will notify the other party in writing within 5 days in case of change, otherwise the notifications to this address will be deemed valid.


10. Evidence Convention

In all kinds of disputes that may arise between the parties for the transactions related to this contract, the books, records and documents of the Parties, computer records and fax records will be accepted as evidence in accordance with the Law of Civil Procedure No. 6100, and the user agrees that he will not object to these records.


11. Dispute Resolution

Istanbul (Central) Courthouse Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes arising from the implementation or interpretation of this Agreement.

Payment methods

- Credit card
- ATM card

- EFT or money order

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Payment Methods
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